Education is a complicated thing that happens at the crossroads of knowledge, experience, teaching and learning style, personal philosophy, aptitude, availability, and objective. The takeaway may not be the same as the expectation. Often, important lessons become known or galvanized during periods of reflection or processing, long after the fact. Even epiphany is not without nuance.

Wondernut Farm is an education place. Hands on friend-style experiential education in individualized and small group settings for as little cost as we can afford is sort of the name of the game. Within our means and trajectory, we prioritize and support agricultural, construction, ecological, philosophical, sustainable, artistic, and infrastructural projects that line up with the goals, interests, and experience levels of those that choose to take part in this type of education. We strive to invest in the experience of others proportionally to their level of investment and commitment. Mutuality. We experience education as a two-way street. We are both students and teachers. We make mistakes and learn from them.

Over time, our education space will grow to encompass a commercial food processing kitchen, another for food service, community food storage and aging spaces, various alternative construction representations, functional agricultural practices, and alternative off-grid buildings, utility systems and contraptions.

We’ll continue to develop models for workshops and curriculum based education, offering insights ranging from how to organize a project like this to the specifics of composting. We love to work with educators.

hands of meat.JPG