Wondernut Farm strives to take a fresh approach to almost every component of what we do.  Our unique model is based around an ecological systems approach to organization and decision making, and pools the varied backgrounds of its tireless contributors.  Working on all facets at once, sometimes more effectively than others, requires the ability to shift gears wildly and demonstrate a wild range of skillsets.  There is no way, no how, that we could be even close to where we are now without enlisting constant help from our dearest, funniest friends, neighbors and loved ones.  

We'd be lost without your support, freshness, joy, generosity, creativity, skills, odors, diverse interests, open minds, and strong backs.

Matt Nolte

Matt likes food and people who like food.  His background is in wilderness management (Yosemite), construction and systems design and repair (Great Lakes, Sierra Nevada, Antarctica), farming (US, Australia, Central America, Eastern Europe), and field biology (Sierra Nevada, Inter-mountain West, tropical South and Central America).

His technical farming and sustainability mentors are Dieter Proebst (NZ) and Arvo Thompson (NM), and much of his inspiration comes from writings of and time spent with Bill Mollison and essays from Wendell Berry and Gary Snyder.

If he had an attention span, he'd be dangerous. Or maybe less so.

Olivia Wright  Irrigation and graywater

Eve Kelly

Winter dairy manager.